Welcome to the Strandhotel Dranske ****

Old and new times

The name of Dranske, in 1314 first mentioned, is derived from the Slavic word Dransky what has the meaning "stick". 

Significant tangible witnesses to history are rich archaeological finds from different eras, which could be made in all the districts, and the still preserved grave mound at Gramtitz. Remnants of Slavic settlements have been found in Gramtitz and Kuhle. Through donations, pledges and selling the Dransker settlements got there early in the possession of Rügen and Stralsund monasteries and churches of Wittower. The "Schifferkrug" that are proven oldest restaurant on the island of Rügen, already poured out in 1455 beer. Here the guest can spend a cozy meal romantic hours with drinks and good home cooking today.

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